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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Orient Express Chocolate Torte

The Orient Express Chocolate Torte. Also known as the cake that restored my faith in Maida Heatter. I've had mixed success with her recipes in the past (overpowering almond flavor in brownies and dry cakes, but also wonderful whipped cream frosting and chocolate chip cookies.)

The texture of the cake is what makes it special. The bottom is nutty and almost crustlike, with the chocolate as more of an accent flavor. The buttercream topping is silky and smooth. I think the buttercream is a little less stiff than most, but I was pleased to see that the recipe called for a very reasonable 3/4 stick of butter. Not bad for a frosting that uses that sinful ingredient in it's name. Anyways, one bite combines the two and magic occures.

Maida Says: "This was served on the Orient Express during its heyday when it was renowned for luxurious food and service. It is a wonderfully not-too-sweet flourless sponge cake made with ground almonds and ground chocolate that give it a speckled tweed-like appearence and a light, dry, crunchy texture-- enhanced by a smooth, rich, chocolate buttercream filling and icing. It may be frozen iced."

I am not going to post the recipe yet because I am not sure what the rules are for posting published material. Till then, it can be found on page 53 of Maida Haetter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts.


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