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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Carrot Cake that Wasn't

As a first generation baker, I suffer from what I like to call "heirloom recipe envy." I salivate over neighbors' tried and true favorites and passed down newspaper clippings, and I gravitate towards cookbook recipes that have "grandma's best" in their descriptions. Fortunately, I did inherit one recipe, which is for the most delicious carrot cake I have ever tasted. Since it is my only one, I must guard that recipe with my life, and I therefore cannot share it you. However, in honor of secret recipes around the world, I bring you this carrot cake, which tastes surprisingly similiar to the one I love so much.

Let me describe these cupcakes by telling you what they are not:
1. Dry - these cupcakes maintained their moisture and taste for a full week after they were made...beyond that, I can't say :)

2. Flavorless - has anyone ever made the carrot cake from Baking Illustrated? The one that looks amazing, but has a taste that just doesn't register? Well, this cake does not have that problem. You can taste the carrots, you can taste the spicing, and it tastes good.

3. Overly Sweet - no excess sugar here!

4. My grandmother's carrot cake. But hey, they're the closest I've come with another recipe.


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